On affection:
'Cally Spooner and Bruce Nauman'

Sat 28 January – Fri 10 March, 2017. Barcelona

NoguerasBlanchard is pleased to announce On Affection, a new group exhibition extended in time in the gallery’s space in L´Hospitalet focusing on performative practices that emphasize bodily experience and its ability to affect and be affected. Over the period of one season, participating artists are: Jacopo Miliani, Cally Spooner, Benoît Maire, Bruce Nauman, Fermín Jimenez Landa and Christodoulos Panayiotou. What we call performance these days is not the same as it was in its beginning. The practice has gone through …

Ignacio Uriarte:
'Tipología de dibujo escultórico'

Sat 21 January – Sat 18 March, 2017. Madrid

In his new exhibition Ignacio Uriarte draws attention to the more poetic aspect of his work through the exploration of different common gestures, such as the randomness of folding sheets of paper, the observation of the natural wrist movement while unintentionally using a pen, or the systematic repetition of typing a single character with a typewriter. Each of the works presented constitutes a typology – of forms, gestures, fillings / voids, lines, accidents, inclinations and shadows. The exhibition as a …

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