Robert Filliou:
'Dear Skywatcher: an exhibition of editions and multiples '

Sat 16 November, 2019 – Sat 1 February, 2020. Madrid

NoguerasBlanchard is proud to present Dear Skywatcher: an exhibition of editions and multiples by Robert Filliou, an artist whose influence during the 60’s radically changed the way we viewed art by presenting it as a playful investigation that could take place across any medium, or not take place at all, existing as an unrealized idea. Filliou challenged the status of art as a finished product, bypassing the conventions of the art market in favor of the handmade, evanescent and indeterminate …

Alfredo Rodríguez (ft. Juliana Cerqueira Leite):
'The Swamp of Forever. Chapter 1: Love'

Thu 10 October – Thu 5 December, 2019. Barcelona

In a swamp time does not flow. But that doesn’t mean that it is not. Quite the contrary, in a swamp history thickens and life develops in foul forms, conforming an ecosystem that grows and expands even when it doesn’t move forward. We could even consider ourselves stagnant pools of some sort: our bodies are essentially water trapped inside a membrane, subjecting every puff of air and every piece of food to its consumption and putrefaction. Like the swamp, we …

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