Anne-Lise Coste:
'Être en vie l'infini'

Wed 2 November, 2011 – Wed 4 January, 2012. Barcelona

Être en vie l'infini

faith in Black


so yes i paint


big paintings


on drop cloths


middle sizes, small too


on wood, on paper


in black


black oil (black ivory)


with a squeegee


or my fingers


i use gloves


still very direct process:


i put the drop cloth or the wood panel on the floor or the paper sheet on the table


and i go:


i put the oil paint directly on the surface, directly from the tube


and i go, happens what happens


the beauty of the discovery and joy of the irruption : oh what did i do what did i do ?


it is fast, very fast


it wants to touch the whole, the whole all


i am a creature of the earth, quite big and very small, who breathes and will die and


i got to know lately the order is like this:


-the planets

-the stars

-the galaxies

-the universe


= d u s t








so i do invocations, i dance around the fire, i embrace everything for a short short while


i think with words that bang together


and let go


Anne-Lise Coste


Anne-Lise Coste has recently presented exhibitions at Modern and Contemporary Art Museum of Santander and Cantabria (2011); Voici un dessin suisse, Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aarau, Switzerland (2011); Collection 3, Fondation Salomon, Alex, France (2010); Salon du dessin Contemporain, Carrousel du Lovre, Paris (2010); Professionalization is Killing Art, Kunstmuseum St. Gallen, St. Gallen (2010); Beginnings, Middles and Ends, Curated by_Vienna09, Viena, curated by Gianni Jetzer (2009); Violência Institucional e Poetica, Fundación Serralves, Oporto (2008).

Coste (Marseille, 1973) lives in New York.


This exhibition has been organized together with the exhibitions Être en vie – le feu in Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Amsterdam and d5919bcc3aeeb621e64daf06b703c106  in Galerie Reinhard Hauff, Stuttgart