Richard Wentworth:
'Paying a visit'

Sat 30 September – Fri 22 December, 2017. Barcelona

Paying a visit

NoguerasBlanchard presents a new exhibition season in the gallery’s space in L´Hospitalet, this time with a series of exhibitions featuring referential artists. The first exhibition has been commissioned to Richard Wentworth (Samoa, 1947).

Richard Wentworth has played a leading role in the New British Sculpture movement since the late 1970s. His work, which explores the notion of objects and their use as part of our day-to-day experiences, has modified the traditional definition of sculpture and photography. By transforming and manipulating industrial objects and / or found in works of art, Wentworth subverts its original function and expands our understanding of them to break the conventional classification system.

Wentworth visited Barcelona in the mid-70’s, where he was associated with members of artistic and cultural circles such as Bigas Luna, Fernando Amat and Javier Mariscal. During this stay, Wentworth had a solo exhibition at the Sala Vinçon, in 1974.

Departing from memories and random encounters in his archive, Wentworth proposes a project based on research and distance. Evoking the twilight of Franco’s dictatorship, in a Barcelona mysterious for a young British artist, Wentworth will formulate contemporary associations – not just local, but magnifying his memories and proposing liaisons to what has been the core of his artistic and vital experience in the last forty years. In fact, in the artist’s own words, the images that emerge from this period have determined his discourse and the way he sees the world.